Bioreg Newsletter 2022 Summary Published

Bioreg's Highlights, Important Events, and Meetings in 2022

2022 has been an admirable year, full of productivity and continued success in every term of life. In the year that started with the 20th Chromatography Congress, our members, Dr. Erdogan Ozgur and Dr. Monireh Bakshpour took up their new well-deserved positions. On the other hand, Dr. Nilay Bereli and Dr. Deniz Türkmen consolidated their academic achievements with one more milestone by taking the title of Professor. Last year, which was full of trips and events, continued to prove itself in terms of publishing. Studies published in distinguished journals and publishing houses once again proved the success and stability of the Bioreg Group in the academic community. We are proud to present the summary of our year in the 2022 Newsletter.