Hemoperfusion-Removal of Toxic Materials (bilirubin, pathogenic antibodies, cholesterol, metal ions such as iron and cadmium) from Blood – Artificial Kidney Systems, Interactions of enzyme and proteins with polymeric surfaces, Preparation of polymer based biospecific sorbents, Purification of enzymes and proteins by chromatographic methods (Bioaffinity chromatography, hydrophobic chromatography, dye and membrane affinity chromatography, immobilized metal chelate affinity chromatography)


Production of polymeric biomaterials, characterization of surface and bulk structures, modifications by chemical and biological methods.

Controlled Drug Release Technology

Controlled anti-cancer drug release from polymeric matrixes, Mathematical models in controlled release systems, Epidermis controlled release systems.

Environmental Technology

Toxicity limits in industrial waste waters, removal of heavy metals from waste waters by polymeric particles adsorption and mathematical modeling, environmental administrative systems, wastes and waste administration.

Food Technology

Purification of renilase enzyme in large scale from sheep stomach by isoelectric precipitation method.

Membrane Technology

Preparation of porous membranes, enzyme immobilization, use of these membranes in removal of heavy metals from environmental waters.

Polymer Technologies

Production of polymers have different surface and bulk properties, shape and geometries, application of these polymers in medicine and biology.

Sensor Technologies

SPR and QCM based sensors and their applications in environmental, clinical, forensic and food fields.

Tissue Engineering

Plasma polymerization, immobilization of liver cells (hepatosite) on chemical and biological modified polymeric surfaces.