Call for Papers: Breaking Boundaries: Exploring the Next Wave in Advanced CBRN Technologies

Deadline: June21st, 2024

This call for papers represents a significant opportunity for researchers, academics, and professionals to contribute to a critical area of scientific inquiry, addressing the complex challenges and innovations in CBRN technologies. The special issue aims to gather a diverse array of papers that reflect the latest developments, theoretical advancements, and practical applications in the field.

Topics of Interest Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Innovative detection and identification technologies for CBRN agents
  • Advanced decontamination techniques and materials
  • Breakthroughs in protective clothing and equipment
  • Integration of AI and machine learning in CBRN threat response
  • Policy and strategy development for CBRN defense and response
  • Environmental Impact and Remediation of CBRN Agents
  • Cybersecurity in CBRN Systems and Networks
  • Social and Ethical Implications of CBRN Technologies
  • Advances in Rapid Response and Mobile Laboratories
  • Interoperability and Collaboration in CBRN Incident Management
  • Psychological Aspects of CBRN Threats and Preparedness
  • Role of Non-State Actors and Dual-Use Research in CBRN Security
  • Innovative Training Techniques and Simulation Technologies for CBRN Preparedness
  • Global Health Security and CBRN Threats

Submission Guidelines and Deadline:

Contributors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts by the June 21st, 2024, deadline, adhering to HJBC's submission guidelines. Each submission will undergo a rigorous peer-review process by an expert panel, ensuring the inclusion of high-quality research in the special issue.

The special issue "Breaking Boundaries: Exploring the Next Wave in Advanced CBRN Technologies" not only serves as a platform for showcasing the latest scientific and technological advancements but also as a forum for fostering collaboration and dialogue among the global CBRN research community. Through this initiative, HJBC, alongside guest editors Prof. Dr. Adil Denizli and Dr. Veda Duman Kantarcıoğlu, aims to contribute significantly to the body of knowledge in CBRN technologies, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to tackling these paramount challenges.

Contributors have the chance to make a profound impact on the field, sharing their insights and innovations with a wide audience of peers, policymakers, and practitioners dedicated to advancing global safety and security measures. This special issue of HJBC promises to be a landmark publication, charting the future direction of CBRN research and development.